7 Great Ways To Use Pink Lotus Absolute Oil

 pink lotus absolute essential oil for skin care
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Lotus, which is the flower that Buddha sits on, is thought to support the heavens and is untouched by the muddy water mud that it is rooted in; it releases its wonderful fragrance into the air. The lotus has pale pink flowers that have been cultivated since time began. For the ancient Egyptians, they were emblems of power and were grown to make headdresses out of them for sphinxes.

Pink lotus absolute oil makes a wonderful addition to many fine anointing oils and natural perfumes. It is very similar to the white lotus absolute oil but is softer and also more refined and slightly sweeter. Even when pink lotus absolute oil is highly diluted, it holds its fragrance well.

1Helps Repair Proteins

There are anti-aging properties contained in pink lotus absolute oil, which help in repairing proteins. The use of this oil provides smooth and beautiful skin. You can blend it with citrus, sandalwood, and floral oils.

The lotus flower components include phosphorus, vitamins B and C, linoleic acid, iron, and protein. The cooling and soothing properties of the oil helps improve the condition and texture of the skin. When this oil is applied to the skin, it makes it look young and smooth.

 pink lotus absolute essential oil for stress

2Digestion Is Improved

Pink lotus absolute oil expedites bowel movements and bulks the stool up. It can help optimize nutrient absorption and reduce constipation symptoms. That is done by increasing the secretion of gastric and digestive juices and also stimulating peristaltic motion in the intestinal muscles to facilitate regular and easy bowel movements.

The oil tones your stomach and enhances your appetite. For individuals who have diabetes but are not insulin-dependent, it also helps release gastric juices. Your stomach is toned by the oil.

3Reduces Anxiety And Stress

Pyridoxine is one element contained in the vitamin B complex. It interacts directly with neural receptors inside the brain that influence mental and mood states. It controls stress levels, headaches, and irritability. Lotus flowers are frequently connected with tranquility and peace, and pink lotus absolute oil can help people have the peace that they are searching for!

We can trace stress back to evolution's early days. Stress is what helps us stay out of danger. Walter Cannon developed the concept during the early 1920s called the "fight or flight" response. It can be described as the energy that's rapidly generated by an animal that is under attack, which either fights back or flees the situation it is in.

4The Immune System Is Stimulated

Vitamin C, which is the main nutrient of pink lotus oil, comes in handy in promoting collagen production. The most abundant form of protein in the body is collagen, particularly type 1 collagen. It can be found in the tendons, digestive system, blood vessels, skin, bones, and muscles.

It provides your skin with elasticity and strength. It replaces the dead skin cells as well. It also stimulates your immune system significantly.

 pink lotus absolute oil benefits for the skin

5Free Radicals Are Neutralized

Pink lotus absolute oil's most prominent nutrient compound is vitamin C. It is one of the most important components of collagen. This is because it maintains the strength and integrity of the organs, blood vessels, and skin and fights free radicals.

Vitamin C can also neutralize free radicals. These are hazardous by-products of cellular metabolism. This is associated with ailments like heart disease as well as cancer.

 pink lotus absolute essential oil for stress

6Oxygenation Of The Organs Is Increased

Pink lotus absolute oil is a great way to get blood circulation stimulated to increase the organs' oxygenation and increase energy levels and functionality. The copper and iron content in the oil is quite significant. Both are integral to the production of red blood cells, help increase blood flow and vitality, and reduce the chances of anemic symptoms being developed.

What does the human circulatory system contain? The human heart is its major organ. The other major parts are blood, veins, venules, capillaries, arterioles, and arteries. The lungs play a major role in your pulmonary circulation system as well.

 pink lotus absolute essential oil for skin care

7Relaxes The Nerves, Muscles, And Brain

Pink lotus absolute oil gets used as a bath oil or massage oil to provide pleasure and relaxation. The sweet scent of the oil gives a very relaxing effect on the nerves, muscles, and brain. It reduces oil and so, therefore, calms the mind.

This oil cools down the nervous system and provides a sense of calmness. The calming and soothing properties have a strong and immediate effect. Individuals are more open to forgiveness, spiritual aspirations, and kindness.

 benefits of pink lotus absolute oil

Lotus is a well-known symbol of enlightenment, with its beauty seen as medicine for your soul. Lotus is definitely a magical and mystical ingredient that is used in creating the finest sacred perfumes and anointing oils. This oil has a very sweet, earthy, intensely floral, soft, and honey-sweet aroma, coumarin-like and ripe fruit undertone, and a rich, deep, tenacious, and spicy, penetrating green top note. It is an excellent addition to all of the fine anointing oils and perfumes.

The lotus was regarded by the Egyptians as a sacred flower and was Upper Egypt's symbol. The Nelumbo nucifera, species of lotus, came from Persia, was introduced in Egypt, and now cultivated in India and all over the world in various tropical areas. The lotus is utilized in Ayurvedic practice; the Hindus consider it to be sacred due to its pleasant perfume and the ability to take the mind to a place of devotion, clarity, and stillness.

  •  pink lotus absolute essential oil for stress
  • pink lotus absolute essential oil benefits
  •  pink lotus absolute oil benefits for the skin
  • pink lotus absolute essential oil benefits