6 Pink Lotus Absolute Oil Health Benefits

 pink lotus absolute essential oil for skin care
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 benefits of pink lotus absolute oil

The lotus is regarded as a sacred flower in Egypt. The herb is also used as the primary symbol of Upper Egypt. The Nelumbo nucifera is the specific species of the lotus plant that was introduced in Egypt by Persians many centuries ago. Many people across the globe, especially in India and South America, grow this flower for its medicinal properties. The Hindus use this flower and its products for its exquisite perfume and ability to enhance mental clarity, stillness, and devotion.

Many people consider the lotus flower as medicine for the soul and a symbol of enlightenment. The luxurious properties of the flower are often regarded as mystical, with most people associating it with sacredness. Pink lotus absolute oil is extracted from the soft petals of the lotus flower. The oil has a deep, rich, and penetrating fragrance, one of the reasons why it is a common ingredient in anointing oils and fine perfumes. Discussed below are six health benefits of lotus absolute oil that you probably didn't know about.

 pink lotus absolute essential oil for skin care

1Enhances Peace And Tranquility

One of the primary compounds that make up lotus absolute oil is the vitamin B complex. Vitamin B (pyridoxine) interacts with the body's neural receptors, thus influencing or improving one's mood and mental state. The pyridoxine nature of lotus oil is known to help relieve stress and headaches and reduce irritability. This is one of the reasons why many people connect lotus flowers or their oils with peace and tranquility. This compound is, however, found in abundance in pink lotus absolute oil.

Stress is a standard issue with many animals. It helps animals stay out of danger or know when to act, hence the concept of "fight or flight." Any animal under attack rapidly generates bursts of energy to enable it to fight back or flee any situation.

2Has Anti-Aging Properties

Pink lotus absolute oil is a potent source of vitamins C and B, linoleic acid, iron, protein, and phosphorus. These compounds are essentially needed for proper skin cell development and health. Applying the oil directly to the skin allows these nutrients to be absorbed by the skin cells. This helps promote skin hydration, elasticity, and elastin production. Elastin makes it possible for the skin to stretch out without forming stretch marks as well as prevent wrinkle formation.

The anti-aging properties of lotus essential oil also help in repairing torn skin cells and tissues. The oil can be blended with citrus, sandalwood, and floral oils for better results. Applying the oil on your skin at least twice every day will give you a more elastic, radiant, and smoother complexion.

pink lotus absolute essential oil benefits

3It Promotes Digestion

Pink lotus absolute oil can also be used to relieve cases of indigestion, constipation, and IBS. Some people even use this oil to help expedite bowel movements, especially if one is dealing with irritable bowel syndrome. The oil works by triggering an increased secretion of gastric and digestive juices, which will not only accelerate the digestion process but also facilitate smooth bowel movements.

People who have diabetes and are not insulin-dependent will also find pink lotus essential oil quite useful. In addition to toning your stomach, the oil can help induce increased appetite, especially for those experiencing loss of appetite. The oil is also known to optimize nutrient absorption while reducing constipation symptoms.

 pink lotus absolute essential oil for stress

4Promotes Improved Blood Flow And Vitality

Pink lotus oil provides an excellent way to stimulate increased blood circulation in the vital organs. Rich in copper and iron, lotus oil does a marvelous work of promoting increased production of red blood cells. Using or consuming pink lotus absolute oil, therefore, helps protect your body from the risk of developing anemia and other blood-related conditions.

These minerals also help keep the heart and the entire circulatory system healthy. Iron and copper are mainly needed for the healthy development of the muscles of the heart as well as the promotion of elasticity of the blood vessels. Blood vessels that benefit from this include the arteries, capillaries, arterioles, veins, and venules. This translates to improved blood flow and a healthy heart.

pink lotus absolute essential oil benefits

5Fights Free Radicals

Vitamin C is one of the most abundant nutrients in pink lotus absolute oil. Vitamin C is also considered the most potent antioxidant, capable of expunging heavy chemicals and other toxins from body cells. In addition to fighting free radicals, vitamin C comes in handy in promoting collagen production. Taking it orally or simply using the oil topically reduces inflammation caused by free radicals, hence reducing the risk of developing cancer.

Collagen is an abundant protein in the human body. It is mostly found in the blood vessels, skin, bones, muscles, and the digestive system. Collagen gives the body's tissues, muscles, and skin the much-desired strength and elasticity. Collagen is also responsible for the replacement of dead skin cells.

 pink lotus absolute essential oil uses

6Helps Fight Anxiety And Stress

Pink lotus absolute oil is a must-have oil for many massage therapists. Many therapists use this oil for bath and massage. This is because the oil contains properties that induce a sense of calmness in the body.

This affects the nerves, muscles, and brain. Use the oil for massage or in a bath. It can help calm your mind after a hard day at work.

 pink lotus absolute essential oil for stress

Although the lotus plant grows in muddy water, the petals remain untainted and are thought to soar and support the heavens. The pink lotus flower can either grow naturally or be grown for commercial purposes. The lotus flower is useful; its use dates back to ancient Egyptian times when it was used as an emblem.

Among other properties, the absolute oil brings a sense of calmness to the nervous system. These soothing properties are what made it earn its place in spiritual uses. It produces a sweet fragrance that cannot be mistaken for anything else. Some people even use it in oil diffusers to improve air quality in their homes.

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