6 Reasons To Use Pink Lotus Absolute Oil

pink lotus absolute essential oil benefits
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 pink lotus absolute essential oil for skin care

Absolute essential oil is added to anointing oils and natural perfumes for the best results. Although it has a few similarities to white lotus absolute, it is softer, sweeter, and more refined. Even when diluted completely, absolute essential oil keeps the fragrance.

Lotus, a renowned flower where Buddha sits, sprouts without being tainted by the watery mud in its roots to produce an amazing fragrance. The lotus flowers are pink in color and have been cultivated for many years. They were mimicked to create headdresses for sphinxes, an emblem recognizing the generative power of ancient Egyptians.

 pink lotus absolute essential oil for stress

1Anti-Aging Benefits

The oil contains anti-aging benefits which repair proteins in the body. By applying the oil, your skin will be smooth, soft, and beautiful. It's also blended with sandalwood, citrus, and floral oils for the best results.

The lotus flower contains linoleic acid, iron, vitamin B, proteins, phosphorus, and vitamin B. It has cooling and soothing properties which improve the condition and texture of the skin. When you apply it on your skin, it will be young and smooth.

 pink lotus absolute essential oil for stress

2Boosting The Immune System

Vitamin C is the main nutrient of the pink lotus. Collagen contains a lot of vitamin C which maintains the strength and integrity of your blood vessels, skin, and organs as well as stimulating the immune system. Vitamin C also neutralizes the free radicals found in the body, mostly created by cellular metabolism and responsible for cancer or heart disease.

Collagen, especially type 1, is the most common type of protein found in your body. It can be found in the bones, blood vessels, skin, tendons, and system. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity and strength of your skin, as well as replacing the dead skin cells.

3Promotes Peace And Tranquility

Vitamin B contains pyridoxine, an essential element in your body. It will interact with the brain's neural receptors to influence your mood and mental state. As such, it controls stress levels, headaches, irritability, and much more. Lotus flowers are associated with promoting peace and tranquility, but absolute essential oil provides the best results.

Stress is a condition that has been around with the existence of humans. Animals stay out of danger when they are stressed, just like they did in the earlier times. The "flight or fight" response is a concept identified in the early 1920's by Walter Cannon reveals that when an animal is being attacked, it releases a lot of energy (adrenaline) allowing it to flee or fight accordingly.

 pink lotus absolute essential oil for stress

4Improves Blood Circulation

Absolute essential oil is essential to circulating the blood-boosting oxygenation of your body organs, increasing energy levels, and overall functionality. The essential oil has a significant content of copper and iron, promoting the production of red blood cells. It also reduces the risks associated with poor blood flow, vitality, and anemia.

What do you need to know about blood circulation? The human heart is the body organ at the center of blood circulation. The other parts include capillaries, arteries, veins, arterioles, venules, and blood. The lungs also play a special role in the pulmonary circulation system.

 benefits of pink lotus absolute oil

5As A Bath And Massage Oil

Absolute essential oil is also used as a bath or massage oil providing pleasure and relaxation. It has a sweet scent that relaxes the nerves, muscles, and brain. It also reduces anxiety, promoting calmness of the mind.

The essential oil calms and cools the nerve system and your entire body, allowing you to relax and remain calm. These calming and soothing properties are immediate and deep. As a result, you will develop a better personality, become kind, spiritual, and forgiving.

6Promotes Good Digestion

The essential oil promotes proper bowel movements by bulking up the stool. It reduces constipation symptoms and improves the absorption of nutrients after eating food, thus preventing uneasiness or gas associated with poor digestion. The absolute essential oil increases the secretion of gastric and digestive juices, boosting the peristaltic movements found in the intestinal muscles, and allowing regular and easy bowel movements.

The essential oil improves your appetite and also tones your stomach. It provides the required assistance in the production of gastric juices in diabetic people who are non-insulin dependent. These are all attributed to the toning features of the essential oil.

Early Egyptians marked the lotus flower as sacred, and it became one of the symbols of Upper Egypt. Nelumbo nucifera, one of the lotus species, was first cultivated in Persia before being introduced in Egypt and India, as well as other tropical pools around the world. It is also used in Ayurvedic practices and a holy symbol for Hinduism, utilized in the best perfumes and its ability to calm the mind, boosting devotion, clarity, and stillness.

Note that the lotus flower is also a symbol of enlightenment because the beauty and properties are good for your soul. It is a natural, mystical, and amazing ingredient used to manufacture anointing oils and the best perfumes. The pink lotus is soft, honey, floral, sweet, and earthy. It is one of the best ingredients for essential oils that bring about the benefits mentioned above and much more.

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